We Moved! (sorta)

28 05 2007

Got to www.live-360.net instead as our hosting no longer lets us have this site transfer there.

Sorry for the inconveniece,

 – Volcom


Weekly Under the Radar Game – DiRT!

28 05 2007

dirt-box-art.jpgGame: DiRT

MSRP: $59.99


Developer: Codemasters

Genre: Racing

Release date: 6/19/10

Demo: Available now

Official Site

DiRT is an arcade rally style racer coming to the Xbox 360, PC and PS3. DiRT will have a complex damage system with the ability to completely total your car. The game will fully support the Xbox 360 Wireless racing wheel including force feedback. For more info on DiRT check out this FAQ on Xbox.com.


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Mass Effect ; The first hour

25 05 2007



Computer and videogames.com got a chance to play Mass Effect for an hour. This is one of the Xbox 360 hits, and an RPG made by Bioware. Bioware has a rich history of great RPGs, including Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire. If you don’t know anything about the game, here’s one thing they said.

Jack Bauer and Space Zombies; that’s what you can expect in the first hour of BioWare’s latest RPG masterpiece Mass Effect. Co-founder and co-doctor Ray Muzyka is calling it “a next-gen BioWare game on steroids”. We’re calling it “24 in space”. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Controllers

25 05 2007


CNET Uk did a a list of the top 5 controllers. I bet everyone was expecting the number 1 spot to go the Wii. Did it? Nope! Number 5 was the Atari 2600 joystick. A good controller, and we all think it deserved the number 5 spot. Number 4 came the SNES controller. A definate classic. I still remember where all the buttons were.. Number 3 was the Nintendo 64 controller. This is the only one I’m a little iffy about. The analog was great, but those ‘C’ buttons were pretty useless. A wierd, but surprisingly efficient controller design. Number 2? The Playstation 2 controller. I definately agree with this one, even though I am an Xbox fanboy. It is a great controller, but definately not as good as number one. Number one? The Xbox 360 controller. Can I get a ‘great job’ for the team at Microsoft?

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Team Fortress 2 details revealed

25 05 2007

If you don’t know what Team Fortress 2 is, it is the multiplayer game that comes with Half Life 2 : Orange Pack. It takes a new direction in graphics, with an amazing cell-shaded style and seems to flow almost indefinately with the style of gameplay. The half-life-2-orange-box-20070523011400172.jpggame has 9 different classes. Each one plays as a completely different style. Some classes include Spy, Scout, Heavy, and Pyro. Valve is currently working on balancing issues but they seem to have nailed it down. IGN posted an article on their site where they got to playtest the game with valve and they gave their personal review on each class. Unlike most games where the Engineer and Medic are useless, they play a key role in this game.
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Epic confirms new achievements for Gears of War.

24 05 2007


On the official Gears of War forums, administrator Mark Rein, confirmed a new update that will be adding extra achievements to the game.

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New Grand Theft Auto IV screenshots!

24 05 2007

Some of the writers at 1up.com were offered a 10 minute demo of the highly awaited upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto IV, and decided to upload several images of the game. Read the rest of this entry »