Mass Effect ; The first hour

25 05 2007



Computer and got a chance to play Mass Effect for an hour. This is one of the Xbox 360 hits, and an RPG made by Bioware. Bioware has a rich history of great RPGs, including Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire. If you don’t know anything about the game, here’s one thing they said.

Jack Bauer and Space Zombies; that’s what you can expect in the first hour of BioWare’s latest RPG masterpiece Mass Effect. Co-founder and co-doctor Ray Muzyka is calling it “a next-gen BioWare game on steroids”. We’re calling it “24 in space”.

If your not a fan of RPG’s you are in luck because they say that the game can play like Ghost Recon for the weapon heavy people. Overall the article makes me want the game even more, and I will definately pick it up this year.

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3 responses

25 05 2007
vader da slayer

I want video dang it

27 05 2007

when is this coming out

28 05 2007

The game is coming out in September

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