DiRT Demo Coming To the Xbox Live Marketplace May 24th

23 05 2007


Tomorrow you will be able to power up your Xbox 360 and download a demo of the upcoming game DiRT. The demo will be available on both the 360 and PC tomorrow. This demo will include three different types of rallying to show off Dirt’s varied new career mode.

“We think the demo is really going to wow a lot of people. It’ll have a Super Stage crossover rally with Colin as your opponent, it’s got buggy racing against 9 opponents which is absolute carnage and really shows off the car models, and then we have a hill climb with fantastic scenery and a Travis Pastrana time to beat. It’s a great little package and it’s out on May 24.”

For more info on DiRT head over to there official website.


*New* on the Video Marketplace for the Week of May 15

17 05 2007

This week on the Video Marketplace includes:

Charlotte’s Web
Alien Invasion

Beneath Still Waters

Babylon 5: Season 4
Rob & Big (Free)
Punk’d: Season 8
Sons of Hollywood
Juvies: Season 1
Martin: Season 1
Nat. Geo. Adventure – 21 Days to Baghdad
Nat. Geo. Adventure – Air Force One
Nat. Geo. Adventure – Blood Diamonds
Nat. Geo. Adventure – Everest 50 Years on the Mountain
Nat. Geo. Adventure – Inside Special Forces
Nat. Geo. Explorer – Baghdad Bound: Devil Dog Diaries
Nat. Geo. Explorer – Hogzilla
Nat. Geo. Taboo
Nat. Geo. Wild – Great White Shark
Nat. Geo. Wild – Shark Encounters

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The Spring Update Ready For Download.

8 05 2007

It will available for download in a few hours from now according to Major Nelson. The LIVE Operations team expects to start rolling out the update after 0200 PT tomorrow morning Many of you know what it will include, many of you dont Here is a link showing whats inside. I haven’t been able to use the new features yet but will very soon and will try getting an update to you guys. For those that have MSN Messenger that want to add me onto their friends list it is VoLcOmKiDd911@yahoo.com

Click Here for Major Nelson’s article.

– VoLcOmKiDd911

Double Dragon coming to the arcade this Wednesday!

8 05 2007

Cost: 400 MS points

Some of the features included in the 360 version:

  • Two-player co-op multiplayer locally or over Xbox LIVE
  • Special extras such as a look at the original Japanese and U.S. “Double Dragon” sales fliers
  • Gameplay with either the original graphics or with new high-definition graphics
  • All new music
  • Hints and tips for newcomers
  • Three leaderboards

…and more

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New Gears of War maps coming this Thursday!

1 05 2007


According to MajorNelson.com, Epic Games, is releasing a new map pack for 800 points, called “Hidden Fronts” on Thursday, May 3rd, at 9 a.m. GMT. Read the rest of this entry »

Interview with Trixie360!!!

1 05 2007

I contacted Trixie360, a Member of the Xbox 360 launch team and asked her for an interview!! She responded and was happy to answer a few questions for us!!!! Trixie plays a huge role in the Xbox live Community, She is the founder of the Xbox live Ambassador program and GamerchiX group. I asked the community what questions they wanted me to ask! Here is the interview, Enjoy!

Live360: What is your favorite game BESIDES Zuma and Luxor 2?

Trixie: Guitar Hero II.

Live360: What is the one live feature you could not live without?

Trixie: Messaging.

Live360: What theme are you currently using on your 360’s dashboard?

Trixie: The Midway Pinups.
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New on the Marketplace; April 27

27 04 2007

Today is another day in the life of the marketplace, and we got some new releases. Mostly gamerpics. ( Anyone remember when Major said there was nothing released on Fridays? )

This Friday we recieved the following;

Bioshock Picture Packs/ThemesBioshock

Name: BioShock Theme
Price: 150 Points
Availability: Not available in Asia
Dash Details: The official theme to the first person shooter BioShock

Name: Character Picture Pack
Price: 80 Points
Availability: Not available in Asia
Dash Details: A picture pack to the first person shooter BioShock. This pack contains five gamer pics focusing on the characters of BioShock.

Name: Artist Picture Pack
Price: 80 Points
Availability: Not available in Asia
Dash Details: A picture pack to the first person shooter BioShock. This pack contains five gamer pics focusing on the environmental and character design of BioShock

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