Epic confirms new achievements for Gears of War.

24 05 2007


On the official Gears of War forums, administrator Mark Rein, confirmed a new update that will be adding extra achievements to the game.

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The limited-edition Simpsons Xbox 360

10 05 2007

Just in case if black or white isn’t your thing, Microsoft’s Homer Simpson style limited edition Xbox 360, was announced today to tie in with this summer’s The Simpsons Movie.

The film opens in the US and the UK on 27 July, but while it’ll be easy to see the movie, getting your hands on the movie-branded console will be much, much harder. Microsoft says that they are only making a hundred of them, which they will be offering at various special events and promotions come this July.


Xbox 360 New GPU Not in Elites?

1 05 2007

If you were planning on getting the new Xbox 360 Elite and were hoping that it would contain one of the newer Xbox 360 GPUs, think again. According to a report from thechip.gif Chinese Commercial Times (via DigiTimes), the new 65nm Xenos GPU will land in Xbox 360s in the Fall.

Production will start in May on these new chips which will not only produce less heat and use less power, but they’ll be cheaper to make.

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New Gears of War maps coming this Thursday!

1 05 2007


According to MajorNelson.com, Epic Games, is releasing a new map pack for 800 points, called “Hidden Fronts” on Thursday, May 3rd, at 9 a.m. GMT. Read the rest of this entry »

Xbox 360 Elite Pictures and Review.

29 04 2007


Today I picked up my Xbox 360 Elite from Gamestop, and decided to take pictures of the Elite box and contents and thought I’d share them with everyone. Read the rest of this entry »

Bungie Weekly Update

29 04 2007


In this weeks latest Bungie update, Bungie explains why some people are having trouble with downloading the new Halo 2 maps. There was a glitch in the billing system allowing some members to get the maps for free. This bug has been fixed. Bungie has also been busy testing the new save feature which will appear in the upcoming beta. Split-screen will also be available on the beta but only in two player form.

Bungie also dispelled the rumor that Halo 3 will be running at 1080p with 60fps, It would be hard to have the game run at that setting with all the action onscreen, but it will display at 1080p on the Xbox 360 Elite.

And lastly, Bungie reveals the control set-up for the beta.


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Shivering Isles patch coming next week.

28 04 2007

According to a post on the official Bethesda Game Studios Forums, Bethesda will be releasing a Shivering Isles patch on Monday, April 30th. Read the rest of this entry »