Weekly Under the Radar Game – DiRT!

28 05 2007

dirt-box-art.jpgGame: DiRT

MSRP: $59.99


Developer: Codemasters

Genre: Racing

Release date: 6/19/10

Demo: Available now

Official Site

DiRT is an arcade rally style racer coming to the Xbox 360, PC and PS3. DiRT will have a complex damage system with the ability to completely total your car. The game will fully support the Xbox 360 Wireless racing wheel including force feedback. For more info on DiRT check out this FAQ on Xbox.com.


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The Best Controllers

25 05 2007


CNET Uk did a a list of the top 5 controllers. I bet everyone was expecting the number 1 spot to go the Wii. Did it? Nope! Number 5 was the Atari 2600 joystick. A good controller, and we all think it deserved the number 5 spot. Number 4 came the SNES controller. A definate classic. I still remember where all the buttons were.. Number 3 was the Nintendo 64 controller. This is the only one I’m a little iffy about. The analog was great, but those ‘C’ buttons were pretty useless. A wierd, but surprisingly efficient controller design. Number 2? The Playstation 2 controller. I definately agree with this one, even though I am an Xbox fanboy. It is a great controller, but definately not as good as number one. Number one? The Xbox 360 controller. Can I get a ‘great job’ for the team at Microsoft?

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Price Drop On The Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel!

24 05 2007


Just in time for the upcoming games Forza 2 and DiRT the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel has dropped from $149.99 to $129.99!


*New* on the Video Marketplace for the Week of May 15

17 05 2007

This week on the Video Marketplace includes:

Charlotte’s Web
Alien Invasion

Beneath Still Waters

Babylon 5: Season 4
Rob & Big (Free)
Punk’d: Season 8
Sons of Hollywood
Juvies: Season 1
Martin: Season 1
Nat. Geo. Adventure – 21 Days to Baghdad
Nat. Geo. Adventure – Air Force One
Nat. Geo. Adventure – Blood Diamonds
Nat. Geo. Adventure – Everest 50 Years on the Mountain
Nat. Geo. Adventure – Inside Special Forces
Nat. Geo. Explorer – Baghdad Bound: Devil Dog Diaries
Nat. Geo. Explorer – Hogzilla
Nat. Geo. Taboo
Nat. Geo. Wild – Great White Shark
Nat. Geo. Wild – Shark Encounters

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Weekly Under the Radar Game!

15 05 2007


This is the start of a weekly under the radar Xbox 360 game. In these articles we will try and find some games that look cool to us but are not getting all the Halo/GoW hype.

This weeks game is Medal of Honor: Airborne

Release Date: 8/28

Publisher: EA Games


Price: $59.99
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HD-DVD Drive Update Set to Roll Out Soon!!

14 05 2007


Team Xbox

This update for the Xbox 360 HD DVD player is set to release sometime very soon.

List of fixes included in the update:

– Fix DD being stuck in “Night Mode” which is essentially Dynamic Range Compression leading to the sound sounding very flat

– Option to output ALL HD DVD audio as DTS 1.5Mbps (list includes DTrueHDueHD, DTS, and any other audio option offered on HD DVD discs I may have missed)

– Option to output ALL HD DVD audio as DD 640Kbps, (which it currently does, but will be fixed from the Night Mode bug), list includes DTrueHDueHD, DTS, and any other audio option offered on HD DVD discs that I may have missed.

– Option to output ALL HD DVD audioWMAProAPro (768Kbps I think), (list includes DTrueHDueHD, DTS, and any other audio option offered on HD DVD discs I may have missed) for those receivers that support WMA.

– Option to enable/disable Night Mode (with the default set to off)

– Fix a number of disc incompatibilities (including DVD Essentials) as well as a number of Lip Sync issues.