HD-DVD Drive Update Set to Roll Out Soon!!

14 05 2007


Team Xbox

This update for the Xbox 360 HD DVD player is set to release sometime very soon.

List of fixes included in the update:

– Fix DD being stuck in “Night Mode” which is essentially Dynamic Range Compression leading to the sound sounding very flat

– Option to output ALL HD DVD audio as DTS 1.5Mbps (list includes DTrueHDueHD, DTS, and any other audio option offered on HD DVD discs I may have missed)

– Option to output ALL HD DVD audio as DD 640Kbps, (which it currently does, but will be fixed from the Night Mode bug), list includes DTrueHDueHD, DTS, and any other audio option offered on HD DVD discs that I may have missed.

– Option to output ALL HD DVD audioWMAProAPro (768Kbps I think), (list includes DTrueHDueHD, DTS, and any other audio option offered on HD DVD discs I may have missed) for those receivers that support WMA.

– Option to enable/disable Night Mode (with the default set to off)

– Fix a number of disc incompatibilities (including DVD Essentials) as well as a number of Lip Sync issues.


The limited-edition Simpsons Xbox 360

10 05 2007

Just in case if black or white isn’t your thing, Microsoft’s Homer Simpson style limited edition Xbox 360, was announced today to tie in with this summer’s The Simpsons Movie.

The film opens in the US and the UK on 27 July, but while it’ll be easy to see the movie, getting your hands on the movie-branded console will be much, much harder. Microsoft says that they are only making a hundred of them, which they will be offering at various special events and promotions come this July.


New Multiplayer info for Command and Conquer 360!

2 05 2007

Some new multiplayer info has surfaced about Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars on the Xbox 360. A very cool feature called “Battlecast”.Battlecast will give players the ability to spectate their friends in action as well as schedule game times! This will make it easy for players to host there own tourneys which could be very fun!

For more info on C&C online check out this article at gamespot.com!

UPDATE : It seems as if Gamespot removed everything related to BatteCast. I wonder why?


Interview with Trixie360!!!

1 05 2007

I contacted Trixie360, a Member of the Xbox 360 launch team and asked her for an interview!! She responded and was happy to answer a few questions for us!!!! Trixie plays a huge role in the Xbox live Community, She is the founder of the Xbox live Ambassador program and GamerchiX group. I asked the community what questions they wanted me to ask! Here is the interview, Enjoy!

Live360: What is your favorite game BESIDES Zuma and Luxor 2?

Trixie: Guitar Hero II.

Live360: What is the one live feature you could not live without?

Trixie: Messaging.

Live360: What theme are you currently using on your 360’s dashboard?

Trixie: The Midway Pinups.
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Xbox 360 Elite Pictures and Review.

29 04 2007


Today I picked up my Xbox 360 Elite from Gamestop, and decided to take pictures of the Elite box and contents and thought I’d share them with everyone. Read the rest of this entry »

Xbox 360 Elite Launches in the U.S!

29 04 2007


Well the Xbox 360 Elite as well as the 120 GB HDD are both officially out in the U.S!!! Xbox.com forum member dionkey diokey was nice enough to answer a few questions about his experience attending the Best Buy Midnight launch !

How many people were waiting to buy the Elite  by the time they started selling them ?

There was about 12 -13 i was 2nd in line.

How many units did the store get ?

There was 17 units.

What kind of bonus content comes on the 120 GB HDD and is Hexic on there ?

Yes Hexic was on there and I got joust for some reason.

Describe your entire experience tonight

Well I showed up at Best Buy with a Coffe, A bag of chips, a coat and a Bank card, The weather was nice, there were people cursing and swearing about how long the wait was. But in the end I am enjoying it.

New look at the Xbox 360 Elite !

27 04 2007

Here is a new video from Gametrailers.com featuring the new Xbox 360 elite that will be releasing on April 29th in the U.S. And here is a montage of the Elite showing pretty much everything.

Elite Montage
Xbox 360 Elite FAQ
Video on how to move your saves to the Elite

(Video from Majornelson.com)