Forza 2 at GDC

22 05 2007

Tons of new media for you to check out including several hands on reports, some of the sweet 3 screen set-up, some new screenshots and much more.

Here is everything thanks to


Forza Motorsport 2 Demo on Marketplace

10 05 2007

Here are some details on the single player demo that came out May 10th at 4:30 am.
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Even More New Forza 2 Info

9 05 2007

Here are pictures of all of the S, A, U, R1, R2, R3, R4, 15 Arcade Exhibition Circuits and 47 Arcade Free Run Circuits. I will post the B, C and D incase you missed them.
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Forza 2 Demo Coming This Week!

9 05 2007


This Just in – The Forza 2 demo may hit the marketplace tonight. This could be a rumor but looks legit to me. Click Here.

 According to this mod on the Forza 2 Forums the date of the demo is known! They say we will be playing it this weekend! Awesome news!

Click here!