Team Fortress 2 details revealed

25 05 2007

If you don’t know what Team Fortress 2 is, it is the multiplayer game that comes with Half Life 2 : Orange Pack. It takes a new direction in graphics, with an amazing cell-shaded style and seems to flow almost indefinately with the style of gameplay. The half-life-2-orange-box-20070523011400172.jpggame has 9 different classes. Each one plays as a completely different style. Some classes include Spy, Scout, Heavy, and Pyro. Valve is currently working on balancing issues but they seem to have nailed it down. IGN posted an article on their site where they got to playtest the game with valve and they gave their personal review on each class. Unlike most games where the Engineer and Medic are useless, they play a key role in this game.

Quoted from IGN;
“Valve’s goal with Half-Life 2: The Orange Box is to offer a great single-player title (Episode Two), a unique gameplay experience (Portal), and an awesome multiplayer game (Team Fortress 2). From our play date at Valve, it appears the legendary company will be able to deliver on all three aspects. While Episode Two is one sweet shooter and Portal is the next evolution in puzzle games, it’s Team Fortress 2 that proved the most impressive.

Team Fortress 2 is a fast-paced class-based online shooter. Valve’s challenge in reviving the long-dormant TF franchise was in creating a great experience no matter which of the nine classes a player chose. Along with making each class visually different, Valve managed to infuse each class with its own personality. Each requires a different type of strategy; but all nine classes are useful. And, more importantly, each is fun to play.”

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25 05 2007

Will be picking up Orange to make sure I get this. Been waiting for this for a while now.

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