The Best Controllers

25 05 2007


CNET Uk did a a list of the top 5 controllers. I bet everyone was expecting the number 1 spot to go the Wii. Did it? Nope! Number 5 was the Atari 2600 joystick. A good controller, and we all think it deserved the number 5 spot. Number 4 came the SNES controller. A definate classic. I still remember where all the buttons were.. Number 3 was the Nintendo 64 controller. This is the only one I’m a little iffy about. The analog was great, but those ‘C’ buttons were pretty useless. A wierd, but surprisingly efficient controller design. Number 2? The Playstation 2 controller. I definately agree with this one, even though I am an Xbox fanboy. It is a great controller, but definately not as good as number one. Number one? The Xbox 360 controller. Can I get a ‘great job’ for the team at Microsoft?

“Microsoft Xbox 360
Did you expect the Wii? Sorry. It’s a brilliant piece of innovation, that’s not in question, but there simply aren’t enough games to judge it against the best controllers ever. The Xbox 360 pad has proven itself over a longer time and on a wider selection of titles — and it has its own claims to originality.

It’s not terribly pretty — it’s beige, for a start — but the Xbox 360‘s pad is a winner on several counts. For starters, it was the first wireless pad to come as standard. Its comfy, solid design offers dual analogue joysticks and two analogue trigger buttons underneath.

There’s also a built-in jack for connecting a headset, so you can hear and talk to your n00b opponents. Can it be waved around like a magician’s wand? Hell no, but this is about serious man-gaming — there’s no time for moving your arms when your thumbs are tapping this fast.”

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26 05 2007

xbox fanboys

26 05 2007

Sorry, but this is a blog about 360 things.

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