This week on the Xbox Live Arcade!

30 04 2007

This week we will see three games releasing on the Xbox live Arcade!

Catan – 800 points

Centipede/Millipede – Packaged together for 400 points



“Atari’s Centipede® is easy to learn, but the tension builds relentlessly as the game progresses. Destroy the Centipede as it moves faster and faster through a colorful mushroom field, as well as protect yourself from a deadly Flea and a ferocious Spider.

As with Centipede, Atari’s Millipede® is easy to learn, but the tension builds relentlessly as the game progresses. You’ll find many more bugs and the ability to start at higher levels.”



“Catan places the player in the role of colonists on the newly discovered imaginary island of the same name. Through strategy and trading, 3-4 players vie for control over the valuable territory and resources of this uncharted wilderness. With ten million copies already sold, Settlers of Catan is the rare board game that appeals to casual players as much as hardcore enthusiasts.”


Xbox 360 Elite Pictures and Review.

29 04 2007


Today I picked up my Xbox 360 Elite from Gamestop, and decided to take pictures of the Elite box and contents and thought I’d share them with everyone. Read the rest of this entry »

Spiderman 3 Insider Review

29 04 2007


We got the opportunity to talk to someone who got the game Spiderman 3 early and he gave us a little interview of it. 

VoLcOmKiDd911: How are the graphics?

Source: Cut scenes aren’t that great they are nothing special. The in-game graphics are really where they shine and are definatley next-gen.

VoLcOmKiDd911: How are the controls?

Source: The camera controls suck, they made me dizzy. It is really fun swinging from building to building.
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Bungie Weekly Update

29 04 2007


In this weeks latest Bungie update, Bungie explains why some people are having trouble with downloading the new Halo 2 maps. There was a glitch in the billing system allowing some members to get the maps for free. This bug has been fixed. Bungie has also been busy testing the new save feature which will appear in the upcoming beta. Split-screen will also be available on the beta but only in two player form.

Bungie also dispelled the rumor that Halo 3 will be running at 1080p with 60fps, It would be hard to have the game run at that setting with all the action onscreen, but it will display at 1080p on the Xbox 360 Elite.

And lastly, Bungie reveals the control set-up for the beta.


Full story here Bungie Weekly Update

Forza Motorsport 2 Official Car List

29 04 2007


Cars. You love ’em, they got ’em. They spent a long time building them and they are proud to present to you the complete car list. Here are the 310 gorgeous rides you’ll be able to tune, mod, upgrade, paint, customize, auction, and completely make your own. In this list are 7 cars which carry a special status, be they only cars you can acquire if you preorder the game, or buy the Forza Motorsport 2 Collector’s Edition.

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Live360°’s first contest!

29 04 2007

Welcome to Live360°’s first contest! You can have a chance to win a free 1 month Xbox Live membership. It’s a small prize, but a small prize to go with a small contest. The contest is simple, Live360° does not have a motto, and we need one. Everyone that wants1month.jpg to enter the contest will post the best motto they can think of for Live360°, and at the end we will choose the best one, and the winner will recieve a 1 month membership.

Depending whether your motto was as good as we hoped, we will use it on the site. Regardless, if you are the winning motto, you will still recieve the prize.

Read the rest of the article for the rules.

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Xbox 360 Elite Launches in the U.S!

29 04 2007


Well the Xbox 360 Elite as well as the 120 GB HDD are both officially out in the U.S!!! forum member dionkey diokey was nice enough to answer a few questions about his experience attending the Best Buy Midnight launch !

How many people were waiting to buy the Elite  by the time they started selling them ?

There was about 12 -13 i was 2nd in line.

How many units did the store get ?

There was 17 units.

What kind of bonus content comes on the 120 GB HDD and is Hexic on there ?

Yes Hexic was on there and I got joust for some reason.

Describe your entire experience tonight

Well I showed up at Best Buy with a Coffe, A bag of chips, a coat and a Bank card, The weather was nice, there were people cursing and swearing about how long the wait was. But in the end I am enjoying it.