First Guitar Hero III info

23 05 2007

Activison has officially announced that Guitar Hero 3 will have wireless guitars, online multiplayer modes and original artist recordings. Multiplayer will have battlemodes, Boss battles and unlockable content. The Gibson Les Paul will be the new wireless guitar.

There will also be an online multiplayer where players can battle eachother to finally prove who can rock harder.

Activision also revealed that there will be more songs than before. Here are just a few of the new tracks.

Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones

Cherub Rock – Smashing Pumpkins

Sabotage – Beastie Boys

The Metal – Tenacious D

My Name is Jonas – Weezer

Knights of Cydonia – Muse

Rock And Roll All Nite – Kiss

School’s Out – Alice Cooper

Slow Ride – Fog Hat

Cult of Personality – Living Colour

Barracuda – Heart

Red 001




3 responses

23 05 2007
Red 001

I really enjoyed GH2, and Im hoping GH3 will be much better. Im happy to hear that there will be online multiplayer this time.

23 05 2007

I hope they make it so you can buy JUST the game, since I already have the Guitar..

23 05 2007

I hope so too K2.

I have no use for a wireless guitar. I already have 2 wired ones that work perfect.

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