Interview with Xbox 360 Launch Team Member Hellfire360!

11 05 2007

I contacted Hellfire360 who was the development lead for the Xbox 360 HD DVD player and is currently the “Development Manager for Xbox Community, Commerce & Live Gaming” and he was nice enough to answer some interview questions for us. This interview is a great read with some good information. Here are his awesome answers!

Check out his Live Space to learn more about him!


Live360: What exactly does the development manager for Xbox community, commerce & live gaming do?

I manage the developers responsible for building out xbox live’s community, commerce and live gaming features. So stuff like the marketplace, instant messaging, gamer profiles, parental controls etc.

Live360: What first got you interested in gaming?

Atari 800 + star raiders when i was 4-5 years old. Been hooked ever since!
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Interview with Trixie360!!!

1 05 2007

I contacted Trixie360, a Member of the Xbox 360 launch team and asked her for an interview!! She responded and was happy to answer a few questions for us!!!! Trixie plays a huge role in the Xbox live Community, She is the founder of the Xbox live Ambassador program and GamerchiX group. I asked the community what questions they wanted me to ask! Here is the interview, Enjoy!

Live360: What is your favorite game BESIDES Zuma and Luxor 2?

Trixie: Guitar Hero II.

Live360: What is the one live feature you could not live without?

Trixie: Messaging.

Live360: What theme are you currently using on your 360’s dashboard?

Trixie: The Midway Pinups.
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Bungie Weekly Update

29 04 2007


In this weeks latest Bungie update, Bungie explains why some people are having trouble with downloading the new Halo 2 maps. There was a glitch in the billing system allowing some members to get the maps for free. This bug has been fixed. Bungie has also been busy testing the new save feature which will appear in the upcoming beta. Split-screen will also be available on the beta but only in two player form.

Bungie also dispelled the rumor that Halo 3 will be running at 1080p with 60fps, It would be hard to have the game run at that setting with all the action onscreen, but it will display at 1080p on the Xbox 360 Elite.

And lastly, Bungie reveals the control set-up for the beta.


Full story here Bungie Weekly Update

Interview – I Old Yeller I (2nd Gamerscore Leader)

27 04 2007


We contacted I Old Yeller I and he was nice enough to give us an interview.

VoLcOmKiDd911: What/ who got you into video games?

I Old Yeller I: My older brother. He would always take me to arcades and we would just play for hours.

VoLcOmKiDd911: What was your first game console?

I Old Yeller I: Atari. I was 5 years old.

VoLcOmKiDd911: What made you want to get an Xbox 360?

I Old Yeller I: I got in the habit of buying every new system so it was just the next one on the list, but when i won tickets to Zero Hour i was kind of hooked in by MS. I felt like part of a gaming community instead of just another customer.

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