BlackSite: Area 51 Demo

11 05 2007


The BlackSite: Area 51 Demo is set to release this Friday. Even thought the demo is only about 5 minutes long it is set to be jam packed with action and thrill.

The demo takes place at one of the earlier map. The player starts out by walking in the back door of a gas station in the town of Rachel. As you walk through a couple of doors shooting anything that isn’t human. But the real fun of the demo is supposed to be shooting objects to figure what is and isn’t destructible, and commanding your strike team.





2 responses

11 05 2007

I will make sure to DL this. I’ve been looking towards this game ever since that trailer on the marketplace.

12 05 2007

I would just like to make sure that everyone that likes FPSes should download this demo. It is really great, even though you only get 2 weapons. It is also short, but the graphics are just amazing.

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