Info on Dark Sector for Xbox 360

8 05 2007


In April of 2004, Digital Extremes announces on of the fist game for the next generation consoles, Dark Sector. Dark Sector debuted with an eerie, dark, sci-fi laden trailer. The game backed into the shadows soon afterward and did not reemerge until early December of 2006, at an event held by D3 Publisher. A new trailer for Dark Sector preceded the event, showing off a brand new art style that ditched the sci-fi setting for urban grit

Players assume the role of Hayden Tenno, a mutating anti-hero infected by a space age plague, but developers wanted everything else ground in reality. In doing so, developers hope to accentuate the hero and his ever-evolving condition as truly fantastic. They even compare the hero as a crossing between Jack Bauer and Wolverine.
As a special operative in charge of “cleaning” messy political situations, Hayden travels to a fictional Soviet State to investigate a biological experiment. This experience has gone terribly wrong and turned a section of the population into ravenous killing machines. When Hayden arrives, he stumbles upon a war-in-progress between the “infected” and mysterious group of armed soldiers. He needs to figure out the situation and fix it before the entire world finds out that half of Russia has evolved into monsters. Fortunately, he’s not alone in his task.

The infection ravaging his body has made him susceptible to a toxic gas, but has also afforded him a multi-talented blade that serves as a sidekick. It actually comes out of his arm whenever he needs it and goes back in when not in use. Think of it as a cross between Wolverine’s blades and the disk weapon in TRON 2.0. The mix leans heavily toward action, however, so players will spend far more time slicing and dicing than using the blade as a puzzle-solving tool.

Naturally, the most basic thing players can do with the blade is walk up to someone and tear their stomachs open, or just slash their throats. Players can also attack enemies from a distance by throwing the blade and calling it back. The elemental augmentations will also burn or electrocute people, so there’s plenty of ways to eliminate enemies. Should the situation require a little more finesse, Hayden can also perform various execution-style finisher moves. He can stealthily walk up to someone and cut their throat from behind, for instance, or he can choose to crack their necks sans blade. Developers also mentioned that Hayden would eventually absorb new powers from slain boss characters.

Set To Release Fall of 2007





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13 05 2007
Red 001

Looks cool

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