4 05 2007


In a newly released video EA showed off the controls for Skate. Instead of the Tony Hawk series’ button mashing, they decided Skate was going in a different direction. Skate’s controlls are all about the analog sticks. To ollie you push down then up at the right time just like skateboarding really is. Skateboarding is all about timing. Where to put your foot at a certain time, when to flick the board with your heel etc… Skate will also be using the Right Trigger and the Left Trigger buttons to grab the board in mid-air,  which trigger you pull depends on what side you grab the board on. Again the sticks are used to do different grabs. Skate looks like a very realistic skateboarding game unlike its competitor. This is the game i have been waiting for since i wasn’t a very good button masher. In Project 8 i always found some nice “spots” to skate at but when i did objectives i could never do them because i was trying to do all my tricks with style and land them clean. I can’t wait to hear more about this game and its other features.

Standard Definition
High Definition





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