A Bit of Halo 3

2 05 2007


In this GameTrailers looks at the Halo 3 beta leaked footage is now wondering if it was set-up by Bungie. There is a emblem contest for Halo 3, the winner gets theirs in the game. There is also some rare action figures being released soon.

Leaked Beta Footage a Hoax?
GameTrailers is wondering about the “leaked footage” on Halo 3. They think it provided far too much information about the game and that it was a marketing scheme set up by Bungie to get already hooked players even more into the game.

Here is the GameTrailers video.

Emblem Contest
Bungie is hosting a contest to see who can design the coolest and most original emblem for Halo 3. Here are the rules.

1. Your emblem must consist of only two colors.
2. Your emblem must be able be identified if the secondary portion is toggled off. See below for examples.
3. Your emblem must look good when it’s tiny.
4. Your emblem must be original art. Do NOT copy anything. All entries that look remotely like other logos or corporate images will be ejected. Same goes for National flags.
5. Nothing offensive. Nothing rude, racist, -secks-ual!- or otherwise stupid in nature.
6. Make sure your examples are 128×128 and are in GIF or JPEG format.

Here is what your template should look like.

E-mail your’s here – 7themes@bungie.com

If you are not very good with Photoshop/ Paint you can draw them out and send them here:

Emblem Assembly
Bungie Studios
One Microsoft Way

This contest is only open for the US and Canada.

Halo Collectibles
“Medicom, the japanese toy company is producing a limited edition range of Halo 3 Kubricks. Each four-pack comes with a red, green, blue and Active Camo Spartan, and you can actually pre-order them already from a couple of websites, including Comics Infinity. As you can see, the tiny figures are awesome and a great addition to a serious collector’s arsenal. The Halo 2 Master Chief Kubrick is already exceptionally rare.”

Here they are in action!

From Bungie

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