More Forza 2 Info.

1 05 2007


We recieved this information via a French website. Though the gameplay is awesome, the video itself has some reprocussions. Before you get to the gameplay you have to go through about 15 minutes of a man speaking french but once you finish that you can move on to the demo. We here at Live-360 have learned a lot of things we would like to share with you.

The first part they introduce to us is the car classes. Lets say you bought your first car and it wasn’t a very high end car, probably a “D” class car. You start off with stock parts and eventually after you complete races you will earn money that you can upgrade your car with you upgrade your car. There is a number that is right next to the car’s class. It is a 3 digit number that contains how far your car is to “Leveling Up” pretty much. Your car, once you upgrade/ tune it enough it will go from a class “D” car to a class “C”. I think this is a great feature because if you like how a certain car looked but it wasn’t a very fast car and wouldn’t keep up with the other higher class cars you could tune it so it could keep up and still have the same car. Almost any car can be upgraded into a class “A”.

The customization is crazy in this game, You can upgrade almost everything on the car from exhausts to suspension. While you are customizing you are acctually learning about the different parts of the car and how they function and work together. The parts in this game were real parts that they gathered information about so you are also learning which parts are better.

Another ability they added to this game was changing the engines. So you could swap a 4 cylinder engine for a 6 cylinder engine instead making every car have a different, complex engine. If you were online and were about to totally own someone they wouldn’t know exactly what you had under your hood because there are so many new options. You can also swap drive trains making it possible so you can change your front wheel drive chain to an all wheel drive train.

They have added 50% more upgrades into the game, making 29 different upgrade categories and is a big part of being a racing sim. In Forza Motorsport 1 there were about 600 layers that were available for decals/ logos that you could customize your car with. In Forza 2 there will be 4,000 layers on the car making it better for those artists that had Mona Lisa’s on their car’s and Hello Kitties. Now it will grow bigger. In these layers there is now different texts, fonts and shapes that you can add in. They showed us a basic square and what they could do with it. They easily adjusted the size of it and made it a racing stripe. There are also several manufacturer decals that are available to add on to your car.

The auction house is looking pretty cool also. If you are one of those artists that made the Mona Lisa you are in luck. You can mass produce these cars and sell them on the auction house to other people interested in it for in-game credits. Make the decal you want, save it then put it on a car, sell that car and buy another one and put the decal on it and sell it again. There is also an option that makes the car’s paint unable to be modified after purchasing so the buyer couldn’t just buy the car and edit the decal that was on there that a person worked hard on then save it and make money off of it.

The photo mode was shown as well. This will be a big improvement from last game, again the people that made the Mona Lisa’s were really proud of their hardwork so they would get their camera phones and take a picture of their beatiful car and post it on the forums and it would look like crap. Now there is an in-game photo mode that allows you to upload your photos to and then post them on the forums, download it to your phone etc.

While racing he showed the real time telemetry, which is information about the car at that current point in time. It shows each tires frictionand the suspension moving. This helps you set up your car to see what kind of parts you will need to get the right suspension/ friction. It shows in depth tire information that they gathered from real world data on the ingame tires. It displays the tires’ heat and pressure. The tire is show in 3 different parts where they test the heat: the inside of the tire, the outside and right in the middle of the tire. When the heat increases it’s going to increase the pressure of the tire. The ammount of load you put on the tire effects the friction and the way it responds to the surface. They put this in so the cars drive right. If you put more weight on the front of the tires its going to drive the way you expect it to.

Turn 10 felt that damage was a very important part of racing. In the video they showed a car slamming into the side of the track. The appropriate parts fell off, including the bumper, it bounced off realistically and the body of the car smashed in very accuratley.

Well, thats the summary of this Forza 2 video. I don’t know about you guys, but Forza is looking better and better each day and can’t wait to pick it up this month.


– VoLcOmKiDd911




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2 05 2007

It will be awesome. Can’t wait.

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