Interview with Trixie360!!!

1 05 2007

I contacted Trixie360, a Member of the Xbox 360 launch team and asked her for an interview!! She responded and was happy to answer a few questions for us!!!! Trixie plays a huge role in the Xbox live Community, She is the founder of the Xbox live Ambassador program and GamerchiX group. I asked the community what questions they wanted me to ask! Here is the interview, Enjoy!

Live360: What is your favorite game BESIDES Zuma and Luxor 2?

Trixie: Guitar Hero II.

Live360: What is the one live feature you could not live without?

Trixie: Messaging.

Live360: What theme are you currently using on your 360’s dashboard?

Trixie: The Midway Pinups.

Live360: How many hours would you say you game a week?

Trixie: 10 – 20 Hours.

Live360: What future games are you looking forward to?

Trixie: Guitar Hero 3, Beautiful Katamari, Luxor 3 and Zuma 2.

Live360:What was the first game you ever bought?

Trixie: I always just stole my brother’s games. I think the first one I bought for myself was Caesar II from Impressions/Sierra.

Live360: What’s your favorite “Old School” console?

Trixie: Atari 2600 for Pitfall, and Nintendo 64 for Rampage: World Tour.

Live360: What do you think about the Marketplace and the price of the content, why do you think people complain about it so much?

Trixie: I think some stuff is overpriced in my opinion. But most of the pricing is pretty fair. For example the Arcade games… a lot of games like that would cost you $19.95 to download the full versions for the PC. Same thing with buying a disc version at retail. So the price and convenience make the Arcade games a great deal in my opinion. People complain because they can. It makes them feel important. People want everything for free. My analogy is; if you buy a car should you get gas and oil for free for as long as you own the car? No, that’s ridiculous.

Live360: Describe your setup.

Trixie: A 40” Samsung LCD HD-TV. No surround sound…yet.

Live360: What is your favorite non gaming related device?

Trixie: My Zune is awesome. I’ve also got a really cool Altec Lansing sound dock thing for it. And my DVR is pretty sweet.

Live360: What is your favorite TV Show?

Trixie: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Live360: What is your favorite genre of music?

Trixie: Classical.

Live360: Do you plan on getting an Xbox 360 Elite?

Trixie: Yes. Then I can have an Xbox in the living room and one in the bedroom.

Live360: What steps did you take to get where you are now?

Trixie: I got into the games industry through writing. I wrote for my college newspaper, and got a job as an assistant editor at a gaming magazine. From there I move on to writing packaging and advertising copy for a PC game publisher and from there to Xbox.

Live360: What are your thoughts on the Spring Update?

Trixie: I think it’s going to be great. The team has been working really really hard on it for six months. They weren’t able to get in everything on their wishlist, but there’s always the Fall update.

Live360: Have you ever met Bill Gates, if so what is he like?

Trixie: I have not met him personally no, but he addressed Xbox in our cafeteria a few years ago, and he comes by occasionally to see what’s going on. He’s very charismatic in a weird way….maybe it’s the smarts, maybe it’s the power. I have a huge amount of respect for Bill and Melinda and their charitable work.

Live360: Did you ever expect to be working so much with a community, let alone Microsoft growing up?

Trixie: Not at all. I like working with the community, but I wasn’t prepared for the stalkers and death threats.

Live360: If you worked for a competitor that will remained unnamed, what would you do differently to improve the community?

Trixie: I think one of our competitors has a great community potential if they’d only seize it. If Reggie wants some ideas, I’d be happy to share them with him. As for the other competitor, I think step one would be to acknowledge that their community consists of individual human beings, and not just ‘units sold’. They’ve got a long way to go, but they certainly have a large and loyal customer base on which to build. From what I’ve seen I have to conclude that community isn’t important to them.

Live360: What sparked the ideas of the Ambassador and GamerchiX programs?

Trixie: Jerks on Xbox Live inspired the creation of both programs. The Ambassadors are there to be nice to n00bs, and GamerchiX are there to support the females.

Live360: Who are you closest to in the Xbox Community?

Trixie: Besides my two GamerchiX co-founders PMS Kitty and DirtyDiva (who are like sisters to me), I would say Major Nelson and E. They are both good friends even though they make fun of me pretty much every day.

Live360: Thanks for getting the time to let us do this interview and everything you do for us in the Xbox community. Any last comments?

Trixie: The Xbox Community is the best in the world!





9 responses

1 05 2007

Nice job Volcom! And thanks again for the interview Trixie

1 05 2007
vader da slayer

great job guys

1 05 2007

Nice interview man!!!!

1 05 2007

End of interview


Shouldn’t that be 911?

1 05 2007
vader da slayer

^^^ hahahah good catch

1 05 2007

yeah blame dark for that one, i always cap and un cap my name

1 05 2007

Sorry volcom after I took your name out from each question I wanted to make sure that you got credit.

1 05 2007

GREAT INTERVIEW, one thing the only people that really visit this blog are…Darkhounds. WHAT GIVES, PROMOTE PROMOTE

1 05 2007

Nice interview, 2 of those question were mine though, I think I deserve a spot on the staff of your lovely blog Dark. I’ll be head of advertsing, I’m good at that.

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