Xbox 360 Elite Pictures and Review.

29 04 2007


Today I picked up my Xbox 360 Elite from Gamestop, and decided to take pictures of the Elite box and contents and thought I’d share them with everyone.

Alright! Lets get started.

This is a picture of the brand new box for the Elite.

This is a picture of the box when its opened.

Here is the actual Xbox 360 Elite console and It’s manuals and warranty information.

Another image of the Elite unpackages. I’ve noticed my camera makes the console like more of a gray-ish color, but it’s actually looks charcoal black.

Here’s a picture of the new HDMI output!

The audio adapter for your Xbox 360 Elite. You can use this if you want to hook up your audio through your stereo system or surround sound system, instead of having your audio travel through your HDMI cable and out your TV speakers.  I’m surprised Microsoft didn’t try to charge us extra for this.

Luckily if  your TV doesnt support HDMI, Microsoft was sure to include the original component cables into this package.

Yep, the black Xbox 360 wireless controller (Yeah my camera isn’t the best).

The Xbox 360 HDMI cable that Microsoft proudly included.

The exclusive black Elite headset!

 Im definitely very glad I got my Elite, and I have no regrets.  You can actually tell it runs a little smoother, not as much lagging in the guide and marketplace, doesn’t seem to heat up as much, and definitely seems alot quieter.





4 responses

30 04 2007

Awesome write up, thanks Blizzaryst!

30 04 2007

Very nice ! That makes me want an Elite 🙂

30 04 2007

Awesome post, Gratz on the Elite!

30 04 2007

I Love my Elite too!!!

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