Live360°’s first contest!

29 04 2007

Welcome to Live360°’s first contest! You can have a chance to win a free 1 month Xbox Live membership. It’s a small prize, but a small prize to go with a small contest. The contest is simple, Live360° does not have a motto, and we need one. Everyone that wants1month.jpg to enter the contest will post the best motto they can think of for Live360°, and at the end we will choose the best one, and the winner will recieve a 1 month membership.

Depending whether your motto was as good as we hoped, we will use it on the site. Regardless, if you are the winning motto, you will still recieve the prize.

Read the rest of the article for the rules.


  1. Only one motto per gamertag
  2. Only one entry per person
  3. If it is suspected that you are using false gamertags to boost your chance, you will be DQ’ed from the contest
  4. The contest will be over Sunday, May 5th
  5. The membership will be sent to you in code form, and you will have to enter it in the ‘redeem code’ section of the XBL Marketplace.
  6. You will leave your entry in the comment section of THIS post

How to post


Your made up motto

Good luck!




24 responses

29 04 2007
Derek S.


“Life has never been better”

29 04 2007

Live 360
The Revolution In Xbox 360 News

29 04 2007
Matt Strang

GT: StrangE2u

News for those who want to know.

Also, just a suggestion for your logo… make it a bit more dynamic. Try making only one part bold, such as just the 360. It will add some movement to the text. Or try not capatilizing all of “LIVE.” Also, look for helvetica neue, there is a version out there with about 90 different weights to it, and i think it would work well on the logo style you are going for.

29 04 2007

GT: minikit99

Live360 – a class of it’s own

29 04 2007

Live 360: Live news revolving around gamers lives

29 04 2007


Live 360- 360 News by 360 players.

29 04 2007
John Strang


Spoonfed Gamer News
Spoonfed Gaming News
Spoonfed Game News

etc… you get the idea

29 04 2007
TSJ Sneaky

GT is the same as my name

Live360: News revolving around You

29 04 2007

Live 360 News you need to know before you even need to know it.

29 04 2007
Everlast Boxer

Live360˚ – Your most elaborate game informer

29 04 2007
King Welshy

Live360˚ – Your one stop site for everything Xbox

29 04 2007
Lance Hadden



Living to get the news to you.

29 04 2007

Bringing you Xbox info 360 days a year
(We get 5 sick days)

29 04 2007
Mike B

Live360 – because you can never have enough blogs.

29 04 2007
Brandon McCravey

GT- TVG Psycot1c

“Live 360, a revolution in gaming news”

29 04 2007

Live 360
“The best thing since sliced bread”

29 04 2007

Stay Connected With 360 Live.

29 04 2007

GT – Ranger7722

Live360 – Eat, breathe, Live360

29 04 2007

live360: 360 news, 360 days a year. What! We need a week off sometime!

30 04 2007

“Live360 news all around the 360”

30 04 2007

Live360 because Live359 was taken.

30 04 2007

Live 360: Next Gen is Here.

“Here” as in this site.

30 04 2007

Cant edit…but my slogan is just the Live 360: Next Gen is Here.

The “here” was an explination of the slogan….. hope ya understand LOL

2 05 2007
Dookie 24

Dookie 24

Live360(degrees): Gaming News From All Angles.

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