COD4 Video released

28 04 2007

The highly anticipated video for COD4 : Modern Warfare was released yesterday night. If you haven’t seen it yet, I reccomend you watch it, it looks awesome.

High Definition

It looks awesome, I can’t imagine a COD shooter during modern times, but I’m sure it will play out amazingly. What war/battle do you think it was based on? I am thinking it will be tied to Operation Gothic Serpent ( think Black Hawk Down. ) Anyways, we can’t wait for this game to hit shelves!

Watch the full extended video on




6 responses

28 04 2007

I can’t imagine that either i really hope they dont screw it up.

28 04 2007

Sure does look alot like Battlefield 2.

28 04 2007

OMG, that looks tight as hell. Can’t wait

28 04 2007

Can you say Battlefield 2?? Game looks good but lets try something new……passing on this.

28 04 2007

Looks good…looks familiar! But I guess the whole WWII genre was getting old in general, I assume they were out of ideas.

28 04 2007
Red 001

looks cool

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