HD-DVD 25 Dollars Off

27 04 2007

Gamestop/ EB Games released their new online catalog. This was inside it. When you purchase the HD-DVD add on Gamestop/ EB Games will be giving you a $25.00 gift card, so if you were looking to pick this up now is the time.

Full Catalog

– VoLcOmKiDd911




6 responses

27 04 2007

That sucks… I just bought one 6 weeks ago. Still, I’d recommend it. Great player, and cheap as hell.


27 04 2007

Yeah you can’t beat it for the price its at already! It’s a great deal anyway.

27 04 2007

Awesome, Ive really been wanting to pick one of these up.

27 04 2007

Me and the wife plan on grabbing one, maybe now is the time. Planet Earth in HD anyone?? WHOOOOO!!!

27 04 2007

Maybe I’ll get it now that it’s soo darn cheap.

27 04 2007

Yay, I can go buy one now

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