Halo 2 Vista vs. Halo 2 Xbox

27 04 2007

A lot of controversy has come up over the actual improvement between Xbox and Vista. Some say there was none, and some say there was a lot. Gamespot decided to take on the challenge and take screenshots of comparisons between Vista vs. Xbox.
It’s really surprising how muddy the Xbox graphics really are, it makes the Vista version look like a truly next-gen game. Then again, this just makes me appreciate how good the graphics for Halo 2 really were.

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4 responses

27 04 2007

Well, it is like 2 and a half years later, so I would expect them to enhance the graphics.

27 04 2007

Yeah they look a lot better on vista ! It really makes me want to upgrade to it but I don’t see myself doing that until I am ready for a new PC.

27 04 2007

If Vista was worth a damn then id have it, but nothing is compatible yet. Give it 6 more months…..

27 04 2007

Im definitely getting Halo 2 Vista when I get a Vista computer. I like the site so far Dark.

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