Crackdown developers offer a peek at new DLC…

27 04 2007

Developer Real Time Worlds gives us all a little sneak peak of the new downloadable content for the Xbox 360 game “Crackdown”.

On the official Crackdown forums, community staff Agent G provides a link to a single screenshot (pictured), saying that it’s a look at a new gametype and a new type of vehicle. In the picture, four dune buggies appear to be speeding across an existing piece of Pacific City, the game’s setting.

Even though the sandbox shooter released in February, the only in-game content to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace was before the game was in stores. Developer Realtime Worlds hasn’t kept a secret about how new content is in the works, but has been tight-lipped about its contents. Well that all changed yesterday, as Crackdown community liaison “Agent G” gave gamers a first peek at the upcoming downloadable content.





3 responses

27 04 2007
vader da slayer

note the machine guns (well they look like machine guns) on top…..

27 04 2007

I concur Vader, they look like machines. Should be sweet.

27 04 2007

Acctually they look like gatlin guns lol

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